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LIPTALK Nation podcast are a funny, moving, self-assuring and rebuilding kind of show, where Laura inspires action and motivates people to believe in themselves and to stop the negative talk.

LIP 029: Never Stop Dreaming with Marketing and Branding Expert Lisa Caprelli

March 17, 2016 Marketing, Branding, Entrepreneur

Lisa shares her story of how her passion to help others began; and how she teaches business owners to find their purpose, while teaching them how to grow their business. She loves cheering people on to "Never stop dreaming."

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LIP 028: Get Real with Dr. Patrice Carter

March 10, 2016 Past, Confront, Suicide, Nobody Ruined

Dr. Patrice Carter shares valuable tips on how to confront your past and conquer depression. Teaching that nobody is ruined, Dr. Carter encourages others to have personal integrity and to "Get Real" with yourself and God.

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LIP 027: Are You Grateful? with Laura Spragg

March 3, 2016 Receive a compliment, be grateful, smile

Do you find it difficult to receive a compliment? Has it been a while since you smiled? On this episode, I share a few tips that I learned, that can help you be more grateful, receive compliments, and maybe even smile a little more often.

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LIP 026: Build a Legacy With Kania Burnette

February 25, 2016 Life Struggles, depression, successful woman

Have you ever felt like something is wrong with you? On this episode you will hear, Kania Burnette, share her story of struggles and how she thought "there must be something wrong with me". From being overworked to overcoming partial paralysis, depression, two miscarriages, and divorce, Kania shares her tips for success and how she stays focused on her "Why".

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LIP 025: Keep Your Love On with Danny Lee Silk

February 18, 2016 Love, Connection, Relationships

Have you ever felt unloved by your spouse?? Do you, sometimes, find it difficult to even love your kids? On this episode, Danny teaches people that love is about connecting with one another instead of controlling one another. If you are facing difficulties in any relationship, whether it's with your spouse, kids or friends this episode is for you.

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LIP 024: Choose Courage with Faith Conaway

February 11, 2016 Domestic Abuse, Survivor

On this episode, you will hear Faith share her own experience of abuse and how she chose courage to end it. Faith currently works closely with "The Choose Courage Foundation", offering services and support to the victims of domestic abuse.

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LIP 023: No Limits with Best-Selling Author Susan Sherbert

February 4, 2016 Thinking, Childlike, Perspective

On this episode, you will hear best-selling author, Susan Sherbert, share why she thinks the we need to get back to thinking like a child. You will hear valuable steps that you can immediately apply to have a new perspective on life.

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LIP 022: Self Worth with Laura Spragg

January 28, 2016 Self Worth, Lies

It's so easy to get caught up in the lie of thinking you are not good enough. I've been there and believed that lie for far too long. On this episode, I give my own tips on how I learned to increase my self worth. It may surprise you, but it's easier than you think.

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LIP 021: There are No Obstacles Steven Aitchison

January 20, 2016 Happiness, I can

Are you feeling unworthy or that you don't deserve to be happy? On this episode, with Global Thought Leader, Author, Speaker and Business Coach, Steven Aitchison, shares his own personal experiences of how he has been able to go from "I can't to I can". .

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LIP 020: Lies, Love and Passion! with Laura Spragg

December 31, 2015 Actively Waiting, Birth Order

Have you ever found yourself feeling guilty for something you didn't even do or for something that happened to you? That's probably false guilt you are feeling. On this episode, you will hear a few simple action steps that you can take to recognize the false guilt and start living with passion.

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LIP 019: Be Brave with Jamie Vrinios

December 22, 2015 Brave, Zero Doubt

Often times I hear people say, "I'm waiting for a SIGN from God to confirm what I'm supposed to do." Have you ever said this before? On this Episode Jamie shares with us some of her most vulnerable moments and how she over came them with FAITH and ACTION.

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LIP 018: Will Power with Laura Spragg

December 17, 2015 Will Power, Muscle Memory

Did you know will power is a muscle memory? If you have not been exercising that power then I believe your in for a helpful time... .

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LIP 017: Emotional triggers Laura Spragg

December 10, 2015 Deprssion, Anxiety, Emotional Triggers

How many of you are suffering with depression or anxiety? Well, I've been there; I have suffered with both. Depression is real. Anxiety is real. There is hope. ...

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LIP 016: Don’t Go It Alone Stephen Shedletzky

December 10, 2015 Know Your Why

Do you struggle with defining your "Why"? On this Episode, Stephen Shedletzky shares valuable actions steps that you can take to help discover and define your "Why".

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LIP 015: How to be a Story Changer Jessica Phillips

November 24, 2015 Don't give up, perseverance, take action

You will hear Jessica's story of vision, perseverance and patience. She shares valuable tips and actions steps for you to take when you feel like giving up.

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LIP 014: Never Give Up Dannon Byrd

November 17, 2015 Premature birth, hope, never give up

Premature births happen more often than we think. In fact, it's more so now than ever. Dannon shares her vulnerability and faith and spreads a message of hope to "Never give up."

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LIP 013: Overcoming Obstacles Jenny Simmons

November 12, 2015 Story teller, obstacles, perseverance

Have you ever faced the same obstacle more than once? Or even three times? On this Episode, you will hear Jenny Simmons talk about obstacles she had and how she overcame them.

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LIP 012: The Polished Man: Raising Awareness to End Child Abuse Elliot Costello

November 9, 2015 Child abuse, sexual abuse, Polished Man Project

Elliot Costello shares his passion on raising awareness for child abuse. Hear directly from the man who started the world-wide campaign: Polished Man.

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LIP 011: Choose to Believe in Yourself w/ Ross Rosenburg

November 5, 2015 Psychologist, Professor, codependence, narcissist

Are you in an abusive relationship? Or Do you know someone in an abusive relationship? In this Episode, Ross Rosenberg explains why those who are in an abusive relationship stay in one.

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LIP 010: Attitude is Everything with Motivator Mandy Young

November 3, 2015 Cancer Survivor, Childhood Cancer, Helping Children, Young Entrepreneur

She is only person known with her disease and that has awarded her a life of illness and constant monitoring. In the midst of it all she is truly happy and she wants you to know why.

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LIP 009: Laura’s Story- No Longer a Slave to Fear

October 22, 2015 Depression, Bulimia, Sexual Abuse, Mind set

This is the unknown story of me. A story I kept bottled up. A story I never wanted anybody to know. NO LONGER! It is time to fight back, it is time for all of us to fight. It is time to live Life in Purple!

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LIP 008: The worst thing is not the last thing with Entrepreneur and Grief Counselor Amber Chin

April 7, 2016 Grieving, Emotional Intelligence

Loss and grief are some of the hardest obstacles to overcome. My friend Amber Chin has taken those hardships and used them to help others facing similiar needs.

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LIP 007: You are not alone! with Entrepreneur, Author and Motivational Speaker Amanda Rupley

October 1, 2015 Lupus, Fighter, Pain, Love Life

So many of us deal with pain that makes us feel as if we are unable to accomplish life; Amanda knows all too well that feeling and then she decided to fight back...

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LIP 006: Stop comparing yourself to others with Pro-Blogger, Author and Professor Julie May

September 29, 2015 Successful Woman, Entrepreneur, Blogger

She is a professor, a cafe owner, a widely popular blogger (13 Million popular), author, mom, and wife... and it all started with just two simple words...I CAN.

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LIP 005: It’s a Choice to be Happy with Sarah Churman

September 22, 2015 Deaf, Ellen DeGeneres You Tube Sensation, Powered On, New Hearing

"i can finally hear my kids laugh for the first time"" Sarah Churman lived a life that most do not understand but then a very special device changed her life and made her an instant sensation.

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LIP 004: Don’t Fear Failure with entrepreneur Kolleen Chesley

September 15, 2015 Success, Confidence, Woman in workplace

"My purpose in life is to be confident and secure..." Kolleen Chesley not only speaks these words but also lives by them. Find out in this interview how that is manifested and how you can do it too.

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LIP 003: Interview with Best-Selling Author Jamie Vrinios

September 7, 2015 Warrior Magnificent, Inspire

There are certain people that you meet that just seem to have it and this woman has it. What she is doing for others will truly inspire you to "live out your magnificence".

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LIP 002: Lessons I’ve Learned

September 7, 2015 Growth, Motivation, Success

Sometimes I get so excited I can't contain myself. The more people I'm around....

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LIP 001: Why Purple? w/ Laura Spragg

May 12, 2016 Why Purple, It's Big

Why did I choose purple? How dare you ask me that! Just kidding! Well there is a very good reason and it ended up being bigger than I thought...

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