No Longer a slave to fear with Laura Spragg

Many knew the Laura who loved life and always seemed to be "happy". I wasn't. In fact I had been carrying something dark in my life. Something that I didn't want people to know. Something that eventually would eat away at me physically and emotionally. My story starts as a child...who wanted to please everyone. It wasn't until the age of 20 when I was talking with a friend and the conversation got a little deep. So deep, that hidden childhood memories of things that no child should ever experience came flooding back. And that's the moment where my mind and feelings began to disconnect. I realized that I wasn't making myself happy by suppressing those dark memories. I tried desperately to act like everything was okay. In this episode, you will understand exactly how much suppressing my past effected me physically and emotionally, but why I title my story, "No Longer a Slave to Fear". One thing is for certain, I do understand depression and I have conquered it. So CAN YOU! What you say is what you become.

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