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LIPTALK Nation podcast are a funny, moving, self-assuring and rebuilding kind of show, where Laura inspires action and motivates people to believe in themselves and to stop the negative talk.

Nick Baldwin and Tristan Ahumada
Realty Guru's

LIP 041: Lessons to Learn from the Real Estate Industry with Nick Baldwin and Tristan Ahumada

June 8, 2016 Real Estate, Success, Lab Coat Agents

It can be quite the struggle finding support to follow your dreams; especially as a realtor when there seems to be a competitive mindset. On this episode you will hear Nick Baldwin and Tristan Ahumada share the lessons they learened to help others succeed.

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Dance Trainer

LIP 040: How To Get Fit and Have Fun at Any Age with fitness expert Kukuwa

June 2, 2016 Age doesn't matter, work out, have fun

On this episode you will hear one of the world's leading experts in the fitness industry, describe how you can get in shape and have fun doing so.

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Tony Pasko
Music Legend

LIP 039: Life Lessons from the Music Industry with Duck Dynasty Legend Tony Pasko

May 26, 2016 Music, Duck Dynasty, Hard Work

On this Episode, You will hear Tony share his story of perseverance and how he had to learn to not listen to the critics.

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Meir Ezra
Parenting Leadership

LIP 039: Raising Kids With Less Drama with Meir Ezra

May 19, 2016 Parenting, House Drama, Leadership

On this episode you will hear Meir Ezra, once again, share his valuable tips for success: Only this time, it's for parenting.

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Karen Aloy
Leadership Interview

LIP 037: The Value of Leadership with Karen Aloy

May 12, 2016 John Maxwell Coach, Executive, CPA, Motivational, Leadership

Are you searching for the meaning of life? Do you find yourself upset with your manager or boss? On this Episode, Karen Aloy shares her perspective on people and leadership.

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Kasie Lynne
Childhood Cancer Survivor

LIP 036: Surviving Cancer with Kasie Lynne Forman

May 5, 2016 Cancer Survivor, Childhood Cancer, Helping Children, Young Entrepreneur

You can never be prepared enough to hear the words, "You have cancer"... On this episode, you will hear Kasie Lynne Forman, her story of how she was diagnosed with cancer at such a young age.

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