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LIPTALK Nation podcast are a funny, moving, self-assuring and rebuilding kind of show, where Laura inspires action and motivates people to believe in themselves and to stop the negative talk.

Timothy Woods
Motivator, Author, Speaker

LIP 053: How to Ignite Your Voice with Timothy Jones

September 8, 2016 Be the Change, Colorful Voice

Ignite the colors that are buried deep within you. Timothy shows us by example, you are more than what has happened to you.

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Kendra Woods
Motivator, Author, Speaker

LIP 052: Begin to Believe in Yourself with Kendra Woods

September 1, 2016 Worthiness, Imposter Syndrome

Do you have: Imposter Syndrome? On this episode, Kendra Woods explains in detail what it is, how to recognize it and then conquer it.

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Ava Montgomery
Motivator, Dreamer, Author

LIP 051: Dare to Dream during the Tough Times with Ava Montgomery

August 25, 2016 Dream, Domestic Violence, Survivor

You will hear Ava Montgomery share her story of how she hit rock bottom, survived domestic violence, got off welfare and now helps others who are struggling.

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Toni Odom
Motivation, Power Woman, Nutrition, Train

LIP 050: The Real Meaning of Beauty with Toni Odom

August 11, 2016 Motivation, Power Woman, Nutrition, Train

Toni gives excellent motivational tips for you to break your plateaus, increase your self worth and even tips on becoming more as a person

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Laura Spragg
Self Talk, Motivation

LIP 049: How to Get Unstuck with Laura Spragg

August 3, 2016 Self Talk, Motivation, Unstuck

Laura explains how YOU can be a positive influence on yourself and change the way you see life’s challenges.

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Isaac Tolpin
Leadership, Trust

LIP 048: How To Be A Leader with Isaac Tolpin

July 27, 2016 Leadership, Trust

Isaac Tolpin explains how to be an authentic leader. He says, You are either building, gaining or losing trust with people.

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