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LIPTALK Nation podcast are a funny, moving, self-assuring and rebuilding kind of show, where Laura inspires action and motivates people to believe in themselves and to stop the negative talk.

Dr. Melinda Moore
Post Traumatic Growth Psychologist

LIP 035: Life After Death with Psychologist and Professor Dr. Melinda Moore

April 28, 2016 Psychologist, Professor, Post Traumatic Growth, Suicide Prevention

What happens after your spouse, family member, or your friend commit suicide? Are YOU ignored, or treated like YOU have a disease? On this episode you will hear Dr. Melinda Moore, founder of, explain what it was like after her husband committed suicide.

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Gloria Corona
Suicide, PTSD, Military, Prison Camp

LIP 034: A Message to Military Wives with Gloria Corona

May 5, 2016 Military life, military wife, PTSD, Suicide, Adjustment, POW

It is not uncommon for someone in the military to come back from combat and have a difficult time adjusting to a "normal" life; and PTSD is very prevalent among them. On this Episode, you will hear just a little of Gloria Corona's story and what it was like to be married to a Prisoner of War.

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Dr. Michael DeMaria
Meditations, Suicidal Thoughts

LIP 033: Let Yourself Feel to Heal with Dr. Michael Brant DeMaria

April 14, 2016 Feelings, Meditate, Suicidal Thoughts, Fear

It is often thought that if you share your feelings it is a sign of weakness; especially if you are sad about something or you fear something. On this episode, Dr. Michael Brant DeMaria, shares why a person should meditate and its benefits along with helping raise awareness for people who are struggling with suicidal thoughts.

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Laura Spragg
Entrepreneur, National Speaker

LIP 032: The Waiting Game with Laura Spragg

April 7, 2016 Actively Waiting, Birth Order

Waiting can be so difficult and it definitely can have its toll on your emotions. So how does one wait? On this Episode, you will hear my unique perspective on how each birth order can actively wait. We aren't living in the moment when we are waiting for some "big news".

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Meir Ezra
Global Thought Leader

LIP 031: The Power of the Mind with Meir Ezra

March 31, 2016 Power of Mind, Strength, Perception

Work smarter and not harder." Meir Ezra, gives us simple yet profound tips on how to be. You will learn his philosophy on how to validate things and also understand what the mind really is. If you knew that you could conquer anything, what would you do?

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Laura Spragg
Host / Speaker / Coach

LIP 030: Post Traumatic Growth with Laura Spragg

March 24, 2016 Post Traumatic Growth

Do you know someone with PTSD? Understanding that "Everything has an opposite". Learn that even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is no exception. You just might discover that "SUPER HERO" like powers are right in front of you.

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