Laura's Story

I started my journey very young with a deep love and appreciation for music. Following my passion I eventually received my degree in music. After receiving my degree, I started my own business mentoring and teaching others how to write music along with voice and piano. Starting with the first student out of my home, it quickly grew in to a full time career with over forty students. Although I had finally achieved some success, my past haunted me and weighed me down. You see I was the victim of child molestation for several years starting at the age of five. As a result I was filled with anger, fear and shame. I realized that no matter how much you try to move forward, until you deal with the past, you can never fully be the person you want to be or who God created you to be. After being clinically diagnosed with manic depression, I went on a journey of self education using scripture, personal development and mentors to find real answers and a new set of skills. Empowered and armed with the right tools, I now enjoy success principals that can not only help me in my personal life but also in my business. As I saw the past falling away, and my future becoming brighter, I was impelled to, basically go on a mission, share what I have learned and to help others who have also been victimized; to help victims not only of physical crimes but also victims of circumstance.

As a poster child of what the power of the mind can do, I have developed a unique outlook on life. Not allowing the past to dictate my future, I have used the darkness in my past to illuminate my path of the future and help others in the process. My experiences have given me the ability to remain transparent and to reach out through communication, music, love, and empathy to deliver a message of hope to those who need it.

I have a desire to change the face of the silent darkness in people’s lives. Drawing from scriptures and the wealth of knowledge of the greats, then adding a splash of life is a recipe many have used to begin their journey of healing. They are also learning to understand and see they are valued and loved, that they are truly amazing creations of God and the the fear of being ruined is void of truth.

My experience has taught me that conquering your past fears and circumstances can be a challenge, but when a person realizes how to use the gifts and talents that have been given to them instead of suppressing and ignoring them, they become a strong and confident individual. It’s all about what you are telling yourself. What you say is what you become. Today, I collaborate with many top entrepeneurs and professionals through out the nation. I finally get to enjoy a life that brings joy and endless possibilities. A life that I know in my deepest soul God had designed for me. Most importantly, I am a loving wife and mother of two energetic children who love our Florida beaches.