Where do I listen to them?

This is a very loaded question, because there so many avenues to listen to podcast. We cover just a few that LIPTALK Nation primarily uses.

You can listen through your computer which is as easy as selecting the play button on any of the links provided on this page. To use your mobile device you will need to download a podcast player app or listen via your web browser. If you have an Iphone you already have an app on your phone to listen to podcast called "Podcasts" and its a purple icon. (it's purple - it's that special!)

Itunes: If you use your iphone podcast app you fill use itunes automatically. Search "Laura Spragg" or "Life in Purple". If your using something other than apple you will need to have an app or an itunes account.

Podbean: You can use Podbean via an app or browser on any phone type. Also very easy to navigate with your computer.

SoundCloud: Similiar to Podbean, Souncloud will also allow you to listen via any web browser on all media devices.

LIPTALK Nation Website: We have the links all ready for you. Just select play and enjoy!

Start Listening!