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LIPTALK Nation podcast are a funny, moving, self-assuring and rebuilding kind of show, where Laura inspires action and motivates people to believe in themselves and to stop the negative talk.

Bonnie Silver
Author, Speaker

LIP 073: Listening to the Wisdom Inside You with Bonnie Silver

February 17, 2017 Intuition, Affirmations

Bonnie shares how she listened to her intuition and made quite the lifestyle change, including overcoming her addiction.

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Karine Reeve
Wellness Coach

LIP 072: Styling Beauty on the Inside with Karine Reeve

February 10, 2017 Health, Wellness, Affirmations

Karine offers the necessary steps, when you think you have hit rock bottom, to help you climb your way back up. This former stylist is now helping others form their beauty on the inside.

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Melanie Angelis
Holistic Health

LIP 071: Healing From the Inside Out with Melanie Angelis

February 3, 2017 Health, Wellness, Healing

Melanie shares her story of how she was diagnosed with a host of issues and how she was able to reverse all of her symptoms. Believing that you truly can heal from the inside out.

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Alyssa Gavinski
Entrepreneur, Advocate

LIP 070: Finding Who You Are with Alyssa Gavinski

January 27, 2017 Be You, Take Risk, Trust Yourself

Alyssa gives specific action steps for anyone looking to reboot and take charge of their lives.

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Megan Brantley
Artist, Encourager

LIP 069: On the Other Side of Grief with Megan Brantley

December 30, 2016 Miscarriage, Grief, Hope, Joy

Megan shares an intimate part of her soul of how she almost gave up, but instead released control. Her story is of grieving the loss of a child and experiencing joy after all.

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Megan Gifford
Positive Side

LIP 068: Facing the Shadows with Megan Gifford

December 23, 2016 Sexual Abuse Victim, Survivior

Listen now to find out how Megan discovered how her father really died and the many other obstacles that she has faced and overcome.

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Angela D'Alessandro
Rape Survivor, Success Story

LIP 067: To Hell and Back with Angela D'Alessandro

December 16, 2016 Sexual Abuse Victim, Survivior

Sexual abuse, rape, alcoholism and low self esteem tried to bring Angela down, but at the end of the fight, she took back her life and has a passion to help others overcome their past.

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Tara Neal
Former Stripper/Dancer

LIP 066: Crying Alone with P. Allen Jones

December 7, 2016 Never to Late, Change

Once told she was only going to live until 30, she has beaten the odds of a painful disease and is now raising awareness for the countless people who also cry alone.

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Tara Neal
Former Stripper/Dancer

LIP 065: Breaking Chains with Tara Neal

December 1, 2016 Never to Late, Change

Tara Neal, shares her story of how she got involved in the entertainment industry, at such a young age; AND how she climbed her way out.

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Dr. Shad Helmstetter
Author, Speaker, Guru

LIP 064: Unlimited Possibilities when You Believe with Dr. Shad Helmstetter

November 25, 2016 Never to Old, Rewire Brain, Future Potential

Get rid of negative self talk, replace old programmings and learn how the brain can continue to rewire itself until the day you die.

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