Sonya Dudley

Sometimes, anxiety can way a person down so much, that it causes them to be overwhelmed at the very thought of being out in public. Anxiety has many faces: Heavy breathing, sweating, tunnel vision, headaches, clouded thinking and the list goes on. Have you experienced anxiety before? On this episode, Sonya Dudley, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Coach and Diamond Ambassador for Plexus Worldwide, shares her secrets for dealing with anxiety and self doubt. She is known for motivating the masses and inspiring others to face their fears and and start dreaming. "My only fear is regret; it's free to dream." Sonya proposes the question, "What's the cost of not dreaming?" If you have had dreams of being a successful person but have been to scared to follow them, this episode is for you. You will hear very simple and tangible action steps to change your perspective of fear and live a successful life. Listen now to hear how to have an unshakable belief system. Sonya lives a Life In Purple. What you say is what you become.

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